Outreach Services
Our programs not only serve those facing imminent homelessness, but those who are working to prevent it. We receive many calls for help from individuals and families who may not need shelter, but are struggling to hang on. We can offer food from our pantry, free clothing and household items from our thrift stores, and counseling or direction from other resources through our case managers.

Other organizations and programs in Loudoun County may contact us for resources we are able to provide for individuals and families they are working with. Through food, coat and supply drives, we are able to collect items for other area organizations when we receive more than we can use. Rather than stocking large amounts of supplies, we pass on to other groups any surplus we may have. This enables us to work together with other groups to do the most good for the greatest number of people without duplicating services.

Looking for shelter or other services? Call 703.724.1555 or Fax 703.832.0340
The Good Shepherd Alliance | 20684 Ashburn Road | Ashburn, VA 20147
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