The following quotes are from a few of the guests who stayed with us. Upon exiting our shelter, we ask them to let us know what they thought of their experience.

The people that work for Good Shepherd; how kind and nice they were to my family. I learned to be a better person and learned more about the Lord. The thing I'll miss the most about the GSA is the people there because they really care about people. And I will miss Mrs. Grace. She has been a wonderful person to my kids and me. Please take good care of her for me. Thank you all again for the help you have given to my family. - GSA shelter guest

 I was put out of my house and had no where to go. When I went into the shelter I had nothing; no job, money or transportation. I got a job with the help of the monitor taking me and picking me up. I was also able to save enough money to move into my own place with the help of the life skills classes that were provided for me at the shelter. I was taught how to budget and manage my money. I really give thanks to the Good Shepherd for allowing me to reside in the shelter and help me get on my feet. - GSA shelter guest

I wish to give my heartfelt thanks to (GSA) who always had an open door and took the time to ask how I was doing. For granting me extension in order for me to be able to transition smoothly (to my new home); for warmth and caring; help in getting my license tags and car repairs?the conversations concerning everyday life, children and family. You have my utmost respect. An awesome case manager who kept me on task; working with me through all of my trials and tribulations. Showing patience with me and working tirelessly with me; bearing with me. Your concern and time you gave to me is very much appreciated. For (the shelter monitor) who is tough when needed, always honest -even if it stings, who cares do deeply for her residents, who always made herself available to just talk or discuss a concern, taking me to the doctor when I was ill and dental appointments; who spent my birthday with me.- GSA shelter guest

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