Volunteer Needs
Volunteer Needs

A New Twist on Volunteering by Terri Lightle
For years, I’d had a good friend that I worked with at church events. One day while she was at my house she told me of work she was doing at a Christian non-profit organization. This organization helped others that I didn’t even know needed help. What an eye-opener day that was! In the weeks that followed I kept thinking about what she said, and I felt as though the Lord was gently nudging me to get involved. Later, this nudge turned into a firm push. The Lord was telling me to get out of my house and do something. I said to the Lord, “How can I help? I’m just a mom.” Then I finally gave up and told Him I would go visit her at the non-profit organization. This was my, “Here am I, Lord, use me,” moment. While she was showing me around, I saw something I could do to help. This was something that I had done and had been very good at, maybe a gift that God had given me. From that day on, I used that gift to help others I had never met because I knew this was what God wanted me to do. What I did provided financial contributions to the organization. All non-profits need volunteers and in-kind donations (those are the food and supplies people give), but without the giving of financial contributions, the mission can’t be there for volunteers or in-kind donations. With your financial support, we can help fix that.

If you can provide much-needed volunteer time, please contact Terri Lightle today at 703-724-1555 ext. *810. We really need your help!
Volunteer Opportunities

Looking for shelter or other services? Call 703.724.1555 or Fax 703.832.0340
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