77% of those we help go on to stable housing.

The Good Shepherd Alliance is a Christian nonprofit that has served the homeless (and near-homeless) in Loudoun County, Virginia since 1983. Today, our services help more than 3,000 men, women and children each year. We provide almost 10,000 bed nights. And 77% of those we serve go on to stable housing.


We offer housing

Including an emergency homeless shelter as well as a variety of facilities that provide transitional homes for up to two years for pregnant women, single women, and entire families.

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Blue House Good Shepherd Alliance

We operate a pantry and thrift stores

Letting our guests use vouchers to have the dignity of shopping for food, clothing and other necessities.

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Donated Goods At Hope's Treasures

We provide intensive case management

Combining a small staff-to-guest ratio with our 6-step approach for transitioning homeless individuals—and entire households—into stable homes and with the parenting, budgeting, organizational and job skills needed to sustain their self-sufficiency.

6 Steps to Self-Sufficiency