The Good Shepherd Alliance:

  • Is founded upon the faith that there is but one Creator and sustaining God who manifests Himself in three personal revelations as our loving Father, as Jesus Christ the Son, and as the Holy Spirit.
  • We believe that our loving God calls us to love Him and others unconditionally.
  • We believe in the proclamation of God’s love through acts of mercy and justice to the poor.
  • We believe the Bible is God’s inspired Word of loving the world through acts of salvation, mercy and justice.
  • We believe that just as God used ordinary people in the Bible to accomplish His mission of love so God uses ordinary people today to accomplish His mission of love by proclaiming the Good News of salvation through acts of mercy and justice for those whom society finds hard to love.
  • We believe that it takes a unified effort on the part of all God’s people for His love to be given to and seen in a broken and needy world.

Our Guiding Values:
The Good Shepherd Alliance, Inc. seeks to develop our organization, enlist community partners, and recruit staff and volunteers according to the following principles:

  • We will view our clients and our surrounding community as our guests and neighbors with whom we wish to cultivate a relationship rather than seeing them as having problems to be resolved.
  • We will collaborate with community leaders, citizens, local government, educational institutions, human-service organizations, businesses, congregations, foundations, and other non-profit organizations to develop a spirit of inclusion and partnership.
  • We will create programs that open avenues to self-sufficiency, which will allow our guests to become productive and valuable members of our community.
  • We will seek to develop innovative cross-sectional partnerships by involving our guests in opportunities where they can offer their skills and leadership in the ongoing programs of The Good Shepherd Alliance, Inc. and those of our community partners.