The GSA Board of Directors is seeking individuals to serve as Directors.

The term is two years. The board meets once a month, currently on the third Monday evening at 7:30 PM.

The duties, as described in the Bylaws are provided below.

Section 4. Duties and Responsibilities: The Board shall have control of and general management of the affairs and business of the GSA. The Directors shall in all cases act as a Board, regularly convened according to these By-Laws, and they may adopt rules and regulations for the conduct of their meetings and the management of the Corporation not inconsistent with the Articles of Incorporation or the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia . The Board shall have responsibility for the effective governance of the organization, to include:

  1. Leading strategic planning in accordance with GSA’s mission and purpose, establishing broad policies, objectives, and priorities;
  2. Selecting, supporting and evaluating the performance of the Executive Director;
  3. Monitoring the financial health and resources of the organization and ensuring that it complies with all applicable regulations;
  4. Actively promoting the mission, programs and accomplishments of GSA, as well as its opportunities for service and support by the community;
  5. Participating in resource development by soliciting contributions and in-kind donations during seasonal drives and by supporting fund raising efforts and events;
  6. Determining and monitoring GSA’s programs and services;
  7. Establishing committees and electing Board, Advisory, and Committee members; and,
  8. Approving annual budgets and authorizing expenditures that may exceed budgeted amounts.

All applicants will be interviewed by the current board and must be approved by a majority vote of the current board.

For additional information, or to submit applications, contact the Chairman of the Board, John C Rast, at