Our Flagship Program:

  • When an individual or family comes to The Good Shepherd Alliance seeking shelter, they are required to enter our Six Stages of Self-Sufficiency Program. The Six Steps of Self Sufficiency Program is a dynamic program designed to help individuals and families achieve specific goals and ultimately return to housing stability in the community. Residents work directly with a care coordinator to address specific and unique challenges in each of the six stages. We believe it is essential to provide them opportunity for a long-term solution; not just shelter for a time.

Support Programs:

  • The Life Skills Program focuses on coaching and encouraging participants towards financial, practical, emotional and relational health, providing useful tools and instruction to empower residents.
  • The Youth Program empowers our younger residents by mentoring them in areas of money management, nutritional education, social skills and personal health using an established curriculum and proven relationship building methods.
  • The Program offers a safe place for all to learn, share and ask questions in an environment of mentorship and personal guidance.
  • The Mentoring and Discipleship Program is designed to provide a source of encouragement by coming alongside and navigating day-to-day life challenges, offering and modeling authentic relationship and friendship, and communicating value and worth in order to help individuals reach their full potential.